North Korea has accused the United States of building a NATO-like military alliance in Asia.

 North Korea has accused the United States of building a NATO-like military alliance in Asia.

According to the North Korean government, it has been forced to strengthen its defenses as the United States aims to overthrow Kim Jong-un from power.

North Korea's criticism comes amid fears it may be preparing for its first nuclear test in five years, and comes amid a recent agreement between South Korean President Yoon Si-yeol and U.S. President Joe Biden to use more U.S. Weapons to deter the North.

"The United States is taking comprehensive measures to establish an Asian-style NATO while blatantly holding joint military exercises with Japan and South Korea," North Korea's foreign ministry said in a statement on its website on Sunday, June 26.

North Korea was referring to recent military exercises in Asia by U.S., South Korean and Japanese troops.

Also participating in the exercise was a U.S. aircraft carrier, which was deployed for the first time in more than four years.

North Korea, which has conducted regular missile tests this year, has reiterated its claim that such exercises are preparations for a war to overthrow it.

The United States insists that North Korea give up its nuclear weapons and has repeatedly offered to meet with North Korean officials "at any time and without conditions" to discuss the matter. North Korea rejected the proposals.

North Korea's criticism came a day before the South Korean president became the first South Korean leader to travel to Spain for a NATO summit.

"This proves the hypocrisy of U.S. 'diplomatic engagement' and 'unconditional dialogue,' while once again showing that the U.S. ambition to overthrow our system by force has not changed," North Korea's foreign ministry said.

"Reality ... makes us feel compelled to do whatever it takes to develop a stronger force to suppress all kinds of hostilities in the United States," it said.

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