How to start a blog with blogger

 How to start a blog with

In this procedure I will be guarding you through on how to create a blog account and earn money with blogging 

I will analysis everything is a simple English 

3 point you need to know first, before starting a blog 

  • You need to know the content you want to start posting in other to get more traffic to your blog and people can fine it helpful to read through 
  • Get a favicon blog logo suitable for your blog 
  • Get a domain you want to use for your blogging from website like GoDaddy,BluehostNamecheap,Hostinger,…………e.t.c

Right now I will show you on how you can create your blogger account 

  • Click on to create an account with your valid email address, first you will be asked to chose a name for your blog, enter the name you which to name your blog, .      
    How to start a blog

    How to start a blog

     After that click on next
  • What you will have to do in the next page is to input your blog url which means the name/address you want to name your blog. Click the next button 
  • You will be ask to confirm the display name you want to use for your blog Input the display name and click on finish and your blog account is set up

Tips in summary 

  1. Click on blogger 
  2. Create and account 
  3. Click new blog
  4. Enter a name suitable for your blog
  5. Input your blog url
  6. Click on finish 

After you have pass through all that, the next step I will be showing you is how you can add a theme suitable for your blog.


Click on the main menu bar at the top left conner, where you have different way on how you can edit, create post, earning with google Adsense(connect to Adsense) and chop a theme for your blog.

  • Now Click on the theme.
  • You will see a different types of free themes from blogger which you can use, you can decide to scroll down and check different types of theme you will prefer to you, As for me I prefer to use the Notable theme cause it makes my blog looks like a cool and nice website.I will be dropping most pictures that explains and give you more understanding about what am saying.

  • Click any theme of your chose and click on the apply button in other to apply the theme to your blog home page or you can just decide to leave it that way and use the normal default contempo theme on your blog. 

How to create your first post on your new blog                         

  1. Firstly:Click on the new post at the menu bar, a new page will show up, so right from there you can start your first post on blogger and put down the title or topic on what you want to talk about, so it is advisable to create content on your own with  high quality content when ever you want to apply for Google Adsense 

  • You can use the toolbar at the top to edit your post's fonts, sizes, text color, and layout.
  • You can also use the Link, image, film clapper, and smiley buttons on the toolbar to add a hyperlink, picture, video or special character to your post.
  • Alternatively, you can write your post in a different text editor, and then copy and paste it here later.
  • If you want to type your post in HTML, click the HTML button on the top-left.
  1. How to use the post settings: (optional)

  • Labels - You can add tag labels to your post in order to group together posts of similar content. Labels will help your readers find similar posts on your blog, and help search engines find content that matches a user's search. Make sure that your tags are accurate, short, and helpful.
  • Schedule - You can either have your post published immediately, or you can schedule it to be posted at a future time and date.
  • Permalink - This option allows you to customize the URL address that links directly to your post. By default, it will be based on the post title, but you can change it to whatever you'd like here.
  • Location - This allows you to add a location tag to your post. This is especially useful for travel blogs.
  • Options - You can adjust various other options for your post here, including whether or not readers can comment on the post, and how the HTML code is interpreted.
  1. Click on preview or publish to publish your content 
  • After you have write up all your content you can click the publish button to make it live
  • Also try to write a content up to 300 words, that’s if you are trying to connect your blog to Adsense later.

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